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Switchgear and Relays

ABB Manufacture their own REA arc protection relays and also make arc resistant switchgear.

Camto manufacture and provide the Camto relay system direct to industry. Arcaware are not aware of a UK based distributor of this system.

CEE Relays
CEE Relays are the UK distributors for the UTU Protection Relays and Power Tools for Windows software. They are also capable of carrying out fault level and arc flash surveys and can provide schemes for the UTU Protection Relays.

Cooper Bussmann
Cooper Bussmann manufacture current limiting fuses for application in reducing arc energy. These should be availble by special order from an Electrical Supplier. They also did a lot of research into the effects of arc flash and as a result produce their 'Safety Basics' books which can be purchased from their site.

Moeller manufacture an arc protection system that should be available from any of the Moeller distibutors based in the UK.

This is an American company manufacturing and selling a remote racking system that can be modified to suit a variety of different types of switchgear.

Vamp manufacture and provide various arc protection relay systems. There are also some white papers available for download about protecting against electric arcs on their website.

Clothing and PPE

Clydesdale are the UK Distributor for the Westex Salisbury PPE, probably one of the largest manufacturers of arc resistant PPE. Clydesdale also sell the Arcpro software and numerous HV tools and work equipment.

Dupont are the mnaufacturers of the Nomex fibre and have done extensive research into arc and flash fire and their effects. They also have testing facilities in Geneva where they can demonstrate the performance of their fabrics aginst both arcs and fire.

Kermel make the Kermel fibre, probably the second best known aramid after Nomex. They have invested heavily in the blended fabric market, combining their product with several different others.

Another American manufacturer that specilaises in treated flame retardant fabrics. The company also has a European branch. Their fabric has the advantage of a chemical resistant finish unlike other treated fabrics.

Scilabub is a glove manufacturer and will make and supply gloves out of Nomex to different specifications dependant upon the users requirements.

Seyntex are a European manufacturer of flame resistant weathproof clothing, available as caots and trousers or one piece suits.

Westex make Indura and Idura Ultrasoft treated flame retardant fabrics from cotton or cotton rich mixtures. Their fabric is used by many utility operators in America and is used by Salisbury for their PPE range.


Ansi Webstore
The majority of American and International standards can be purchased from this website, many of these can be downloaded as PDF files.

American website detailing arc flash protection system used on American Naval Vessels

Run by Hugh Hoagland, who is consultant to the IEC and Eurpoean standards for arc protection. A vast amount of information is available and also a news letter. Hugh also runs the e-hazard.com website.

Flash fire testing centre in the UK. They can also get garments tested to electric arc standards and CE approve them.

ESA produce the Easypower software for arc flash and fault level analysis. A demo version is available for download. The site also includes some great information on arc flash protection available as PDF downloads.

ICE Society
Instrumentation and Control Engineering Society provides a platform for engineers worldwide to share information, knowledge and experiences. The site consists of various sections like community forums, download area, engineering directory, career section, and many more and membership to the site is absolutely free.

Home of the 1584 committee on arc protection and also main white papers on assessing arc flash energies and their effects. If you are doing extensive research into arc flash then it is worth while becoming a member of the IEEE.

The electrical section of the ISSA has produced some very informative guides on arc flash PPE and the competency assessment of electrical staff.

University of Alberta
The university has a Protective Clothing and Equipment Research Facility and has conducted many tests on flame retardant fabrics. There are a number of papers on the site showing the research carried out.