The front fastening on the garment is critical to its performance. It must not become a weakness and allow heat and flames to get inside the garment.

1.        Press-studs should not be used for front closure as these do not create a full seam and may allow flames to enter the inside of the garment.
2.        If a metal zip is used for the front closure, it should be completely encased by FR material on the inside and outside of the garment. Metal zips retain heat and may transfer the heat through the garment and onto the wearer causing burn injuries if they are not encased.
3.        A full Velcro front closure is more effective against arc flash than zips are. If not protected by a flap of material, the zip can be torn open by an arc flash.
4.        A storm collar with Velcro fastening will provide greater protection for the neck and throat. An area that usually sustains some of the worst burns.
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