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The primary objective of this website is protection against electric arc so we will compare the different fabrics available against that hazard on its own.
Arcaware generally adopts the following guidelines when selecting a material for arc flash PPE.
For arc energies below 6 cal/cm
², the reality is that all of the fabrics above a weight of 220g/m² will provide adequate protection against the arc.
At arc energies above 6 cal/cm
² and up to 8 cal/cm², a 240g/m² layer of Indura Ultrasoft or 220g/m² layer of a Kermel blend will provide the required protection. At these levels, 100% Aramid fibres will struggle to provide protection unless the fabric weight is increased or a second layer is worn underneath.
At arc energies above 8 cal/cm
² and up to 20 cal/cm², then only Indura Ultrasoft will provide a good level of protection as a single layer. At arc energies above  20 cal/cm², only multiple layers of fabrics will provide the protection needed.
As a policy, Arcaware will always try to reduce the arc energy down to under the 8 cal/cm
² level.