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The following standards, although not directly concerning electric arcs will also provide guidance on protection against heat and electricity;
  •         EC Directive 89/956 on PPE
  •         EN 407 Gloves for protection against heat
  •         EN 470 Protective clothing for welding and allied processes
  •         EN 531 Flame retardant fabrics
  •         EN 533 Limited flame spread materials and material assemblies
  •         EN 1149 Protective clothing - electrostatic properties
  •         EN 60903 Insulated Gloves
  •         ISO 15025 Protective clothing method test for lilited flame spread
  •         ISO 10528 Commercial laundering procedure prior to flammability testing
  •         PD CLC/TR 50404 Code of practice for avoidance of electrostatic hazards

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