Klopman are an American company making mostly cotton and cotton rich fabrics treated with the Proban process.
Their Flamesafe range consists of 100% cotton fabrics of 235, 335 and 340 gsm and 75% cotton / 25% polyester 320 and 360 gsm fabrics. These fabrics have been tested to EN531, EN470 and IEC61482.
Their MultiPro range includes 74% cotton / 25% polyester / 1% antistatic fabrics of 245 and 350 gsm. They also have an acid resistant finish applied to them. These fabrics have been tested to EN470, EN531, EN1149, ENV50354 and prEN13034.
All of these fabrics are suitable for making flame / arc resistant outer garments such as overalls or trousers and jackets.
The use of cotton makes the fabric comfortable to wear and the addition of polyester increases the fabrics strength and reduces its shrinkage.
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