Kermel is a French company originally owned by Rhodia. The fabric is used extensively by the French Fire Service and military.
In recent years the company has been involved with other manufacturers to produce a blended fabric from its Kermel fibres and other flame retardant fibres.
Their first version is a Kermel / FR Viscose blend in either a 50-50 or a 70-30 blend. The addition of the Viscose fibres makes for a very soft comfortable fabric. These fabrics are tested against EN531, ENV50354 and EN61482.
Due to the comfort factor, these blends are ideal for garments worn next to the skin.
Their more recent addition is Comforguard, this is 79% Kermel, 20% FR Modacrylic and 1% Anti-stat. This has been tested against EN531, ENV50354, EN61482, EN1149 and prEN13034. It is the worlds lightest fabric to pass NFPA70E class 2 (8 cal/cm
Comforguard is an excellent fabric for overalls and trousers. A lighter version is available for shirts.
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