Previously mentioned in the blended fabrics section, Kermel also produce 100% polyamide versions for their fabrics.
The original version was Kermel A90, comprising of 98% Kermel and 2% Antistatic. This is a hard wearing fabric, tested to EN531, ENV50354, EN61482, EN1149 and prEN13034.
A later version, Sofshield comprises of 99% Kermel Sofshield fibres and 1% Antistatic. This has been tested to the same standards as above.
Both of these fabrics are suited for use in overalls and other outer garments.
More recently Kermel have produced Kermel High Visibility fabrics which as well as meeting the flame retardant standards, also meet the EN471 standard for high visibility fabrics. These fabrics are ideal for outer garments and overalls, however they are not waterproof.
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