Indura is an American company. Their two main fabrics are Indura, a 100% cotton fabric and Indura Ultrasoft which is made up of 88% cotton and 12% high tenacity nylon. The addition of this nylon, increases the fabrics strength and durability and reduces the shrinkage of the fabric over its lifetime as a garment.
The treatment is a proprietary process similar to Proban and will last well over 100 washes and is guaranteed by the company to last for the life of the garment.
Both fabrics have been tested to EN470, EN531, EN1149, ENV50354 and IEC61482.
Indura Ultrasoft is highly suited for making arc resistant outerwear in a variety of different weights to suit different levels of arc energy.
It is one of the few fabrics that is used to make hoods from.
In it's lighter weights the fabric also makes ideal shirts and trousers and is particularly comfy to wear direct against the skin.
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