An American company, Dupont is probably one of the most common manufacturers related to FR Fabrics due to its Nomex and Kevlar fabrics.
These fabrics are very popular with the UK Fire Service and the motorsport industry. Nomex is generally made from 95% meta-aramid fibres and 5% para-aramid fibres. An antistatic version is also made incorporating 2% P140 carbon fibres.
Dupont fabrics are tested against EN531, EN1149, ENV50354, EN61482 and prEN13034.
The meta and para aramid levels can be altered to produce softer more comfortable fabrics for shirts and trousers such as Nomex comfort or more hard wearing fabrics for outer garments such as Nomex outershell.
Nomex can also be knitted to produce very comfortable gloves in various different weights depending on the dexterity required.
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